Data Analysis

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Data Processing



  Analysis = processing raw data

The questionnaires are filled out and handed in, the individual in-depth interviews have been carried out, and the group discussions have taken place.

The raw data have been collected, but they cannot yet be 'read' - they have to be processed first.
In order to give specific answers to your questions, Quality Control Afrika can ANALYSE the data for you both qualitative and quantitative.

Field Work


We offer a comprehensive range of data collection methods, both quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative surveys Face to face (PAPI, CAPI, etc.) Telephone Interviews including CATI



Analysis of Qualitative Data

The depth of analyses to be supplied is based on clients’ desire.

For qualitative studies, QCA moderators are trained to offer you a written report with incisive conclusions and recommendations and/or an oral presentation of the main findings.

Again there is the option of choosing from the different elements of the analytic section:

·         Interim evaluations/Summary report

·         Debriefing

·         Written report with recommendations





 The depth of analyses to be supplied is based on clients’ desire. 

Field quality control of the sample always precedes the processing of the data. Quality Control Afrika carries out this data-cleaning for you, regardless of who will analyze the data.

The output of quantitative measurement consists mainly of clear tabularizations, produced in relation to the questions asked, that contain figures, percentages, significant tests, averages, standard deviations, etc.

The analysis of the collected data is always done with client specific questions in mind that will help in the formulation of specific market oriented recommendations, both in a written report and in an oral presentation.

Naturally here again client can make their choice out of the different elements of data processing and analysis:

  • Data punching & data cleaning
  • Clear tabularizations
  • Written report with comments and recommendations



We at Quality Control Afrika (QCA in short) decided at the outset to bridge this gap by providing top-notch, high quality data for our numerous clients.