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Our Field Work Strengths

 Fieldwork Supervision & Control

Fieldwork is a delicate part of a survey. Even when all preliminary work has been done in-house, many companies prefer a market research agency to do the fieldwork.

This is because fieldwork is a complex matter that easily can lead to inaccuracies. A solid monitoring and control of the proceedings reduces the chance of inaccuracies to the barest minimum.

The strengths of Quality Control Afrika are:

Fieldwork for quantitative research

  • Own team of trained field staffs with professional researchers (guaranteed high quality and reliability)
  • Our local team covers the whole of Ghana, and we also have offices and presence across the Continent.
  • Meticulous personal briefing of the researchers (interviewers, supervisors and QC officers) to forestall misunderstandings and guarantees a uniform administration of the survey
  • A constant supervision
  • All questionnaires are checked for completeness, accuracy and logic on daily basis
  • We provide modern facilities for market research in our offices (work station, laptops, internet, etc.)
Fieldwork for qualitative research  

A thorough briefing is an important aspect of the relationship between client and the agency. It guarantees an effective research design, where, in close cooperation with the client, specific questions and possible problems can be identified and solutions proffered. The strength of Quality Control Afrika in this regard are:

·         Only skilled and experienced recruiters are used for all QCA studies.

·         Our moderators have rich experience obtained over several years of service from top class
        professional settings. And they always appear cool, calm and focused during the group sessions to
        deal with individuality of the respondents in a collective way.

·         Right respondents are recruited for FGDs

·         Respondents are made to feel relaxed and refreshed all through the group sessions

·         FGDs are conducted in ideal settings with separate observation rooms for video coverage (if
        required). All sessions are treated in-depth with a wide variety of effective probing tools.

·         We limit the number of groups per moderator per day to an average of two groups (unless otherwise
         stated by client) because we believe in quality rather than quantity.

·         QCA adopts the two researchers per project approach. While moderation and interviews are taking in
        turns, the other takes note and both rub minds together in order to ensure rigorous, robust, and result
        oriented outcome.

·         Quality incentives are given to group participants at the end of the sessions.

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Quality Control Afrika was incorporated in 2011 as a full-service research agency and commenced full operations in the first quarter of 2012.