Field Work

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Fieldwork Services

Fieldwork Services We offer a comprehensive range of data collection methods, both quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative surveys
Face to face (PAPI, CAPI, etc.)
Telephone Interviews including CATI

Qualitative studies
Focus Group Discussion
Ethnographic Immersion, etc ·

Online research
· Literature review


Full Research


Quality Control Afrika manages your quantitative surveys across Africa.  Depending on the wishes and needs of the client, the....


Fieldwork Quality Control Serv.

Quality control is one of the most important aspects of fieldwork. As the saying goes “stitch in time saves nine” quality control will ensure.....


Data Processing

The questionnaires are filled out and handed in, the individual in-depth interviews have been carried out, and the group discussions have taken place.



We at Quality Control Afrika (QCA in short) decided at the outset to bridge this gap by providing top-notch, high quality data for our numerous clients.