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Quality control is one of the most important aspects of fieldwork. As the saying goes “stitch in time saves nine” quality control will ensure that fieldwork execution was followed as planned. We (QCA) act as client representatives on projects and provide quality control services across Africa. We have validators/QC officers scattered across the continent and in case of continuous projects, we have put a plan in place whereby QC officers are rotated on continuous basis to avoid being lethargic. While carrying out this assignment, we employ the following quality assurance measures:

For qualitative studies:

·         Participate in training of fieldstaffs

·         Check out suitability of venues in case of FGDs

·         Screening of group participants for eligibility at the entrance to group venues

 And in case of quantitative studies

·         15% field accompaniment

·         30% of interviewers’ work validated by our QC officers.

·         Verification of 25% of captured data by EDP.

In the case of projects commissioned to us, we carry out the following quality measures:

·         15% field accompaniment.

·         20% spot checks by field supervisors.

·         20% of interviewers’ work validated by our QC officers.

·         100% in-office (TEC) editing of questionnaires.

·         100% electronic editing of questionnaire.

·         Verification of 25% of captured data by EDP.

Below is a summary sketch of our field, QC & DP processes which emphasizes our quality control measures:


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Quality Control Afrika was incorporated in 2011 as a full-service research agency and commenced full operations in the first quarter of 2012.