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Human behaviour is extremely dynamic: the search for fulfillment of a particular need is triggered by a specific motivation. In the study of these motivations, qualitative research has become indispensable.  Many fields lend themselves to motivational studies: research into publicity, logos, new product concepts, etc.

To us, qualitative research means a fundamental analysis of your problem, and the establishment of the most efficient research method. Quality Control Afrika is your VITAL PARTNER.

Within this framework, we organize for you group discussions and in-depth interviews. We can take care of a complete study, or parts of it.

In brief, we can offer you the following:

·         Drafting of interview guidelines

·         A quick and suitable recruitment

·         A warm welcome for the participants

·         Professionally equipped interview rooms

·         Professional reception of clients

·         Monitoring of interviews on screen

·         Simultaneous translation

·         Analysis of data

·         Transcription of group sessions and/or interviews

·         Reporting results

·         Presentation of results




  Analysis = processing raw data

The questionnaires are filled out and handed in, the individual in-depth interviews have been carried out, and the group discussions have taken place.


Quantitative studies cover:

·         Product test

·         Advertisement impact measurement

·         Brand image measurement

·         Attitude testing

·         Various statistics

·         Business-to-business / Industrial market tests

·         Mystery shopping

·         Simulated market research

·         Market structural behaviour analysis

·         Market segmentation

·         Market sizing, etc




Quantitative market research

Quality Control Afrika manages your quantitative surveys across Africa.

Depending on the wishes and needs of the client, the following options in research methods can be considered:

·         Telephone interviews including CATI

·         Personal interviews (at FQC, at home, at work, or other)

·         Street interviews/intercept

·         In-hall/In-bar or central location

·         Online including CAPI



We at Quality Control Afrika (QCA in short) decided at the outset to bridge this gap by providing top-notch, high quality data for our numerous clients.